How to Approach Communication Problems at Work

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There are numerous moments when relationships have been toxic and the need for a relationship timeout has been in order. The workplace includes peers diverse in behavior standards. A relationship timeout may be impossible due to collaborative roles necessary to achieve end results.

Communication problems at work requires quick solutions for meeting common goals.

Answering these questions may help:

  • Am I able to listen or am I still too heated?
  • Am I aware of my tone? Aware of my language? Aware of my body language?
  • What positives surround this person and this relationship?
  • What ground rules do I need in order to communicate? offers seven steps as a communication tool for couples, which may be also used with peers.

The workplace is an environment with a common goal: its mission and vision. To improve communication through design-thinking strategies schedule a package with one of our performance and design coaches. It’s best to prepare before conversations get heated. A common ground begins with defining it. We can help.