Hot coffee is one of my favorite ways to start the day.  I love the routine of it, the smells that fill the kitchen and the way milk twirls, turns about until mixed.

But the longer lasting reaction is a little more complicated.  I have begun to notice that the effects of coffee, i.e. flying through the fastest workday feeling, also comes with some side effects.  After a few sips, I begin to lose touch with my body and ultimately with where my personal sensory needs are at.

Benefits of Self-Regulating:

  1. Increasing your focus to what requires your attention
  2. To further take care of yourself and your present needs
  3. To be able to engage in meaningful life activities
  4. Ability to deal with difficult situations that arise
  5. Know yourself better. Prevent.

I typically become easily overstimulated by noise and too much visual information at once.  If I am able to realize this, then I can easily take a break at my desk with the door closed, or go for a walk, or lay down with an eye pad over my eyes. Coffee seems to stimulate to the point of no further realization. How much caffeine is too much?

These past few weeks I have been playing around with how much caffeine I need to function.  This has included tea, tea lattes, coffee at different times during the morning and different amounts of milk within my coffee.  Through these experiments, it reminds me that I am different and evolving everyday –what I need one day may be completely different than any other day of my life.  I am starting to pick up on the signs when I first wake up if coffee is something that will help me or that will assist in ignoring my sense of self.

Have you experimented with self-regulating lately?