A few months back I shared my new adventures and history about Pilates, found here. So far, I really enjoyed my classes. However, due to the price and my hectic schedule, I opt to do my basic Pilate’s exercises independently. Once you have the foundation of pilates nailed fitness goals may take off with the use of a ball, mat and props for the full Pilates work out.

However, I do recommend taking a few classes first before you take off on your own. This helps avoid muscle strains or engaging wrong muscles when moves are practiced incorrectly.  I hadn’t realized that I had been doing my sit-ups wrong until I took the first Pilate’s classes.

For the love of saving money here’s one way to avoid injury in pilates when practicing independently at home. This particular exercise is very effective with little to no possibility for injury. The Pilates class instructor breaks down the moves for “The hundred” or “One-hundred” as such…

  1. Zip your core
  2. Tuck your chin
  3. Neutral spine
  4. Roll your spine up/down one vertebrae at a time
  5. Breathe
  6. Pump your arms 100 times

Breathing is crucial. It recruits muscles in the diaphragm and intercostal muscles for greater strengthening.

One modification to simplify this exercise is to keep both feet at a “table top position”. This means both knees are at 90 degrees, knee to ankle parallel with the floor. A second modification is to do 25 reps at a time, rest, until the 100 rep goals is achieved.


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