The fall season begs for the sight of leaves changing color, cool air and sweaters. In warmer climates fall nods to seasonal produce, like pomegranates, brussels sprouts, and pumpkins.  Everywhere, school buses and shorter days hint to a summer gone.

The health significance of the fall season lies in transitioning. Change may take form as a battle of self-control. Since transition is adjusting to change like paying heating bills, eating starchy foods, or rising earlier to miss heavy traffic it may bring feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness. Food may be your friend for transitioning to change. Since food is a daily relationship it may be a simple starting point to attend health significance of the fall season. Consider incorporating these three categories of food into your balanced diet. 


For those of you that may feel sluggish, energize with crunchy foods (Allen 2012). You know…those afternoons that are difficult to get through because mornings require new adjustments to changes like sunlight, temperature, or organizing more than yourself for the day. Reach for brain and heart-healthy snacks with fall season produce: apple, cauliflower, pear, grapes, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds. Ice cubes are a great alternative, too. Although,  dentists warn this is one activity in moderation!

If you enjoy cooking, try this tasty Vegetable Stir Fry with Quinoa recipe.


Chewy foods are known to improve focus to attend to a task. They calm the nervous system through the repetitive jaw motion in attempt to break food down for swallowing. When daylight weans our body naturally begins to prepare for hibernation. The circadian rhythm effect may reduce active listening skills by evening. Especially after a long day focusing on work or the like. Example of a chewy food is dried fruit or fruit leather, yet be cautious of how they are sweetened. Excess sugar will send mental clarity in a tail spin! Bread crust, granola bars, or beef jerky are great chewy foods, too. And there’s always gum!

This favorite granola recipe has brought chewy lovers begging for the recipe.


Our team love to give away straws. A straw brings resistive sucking, a sensation that re-organizes brain functions to calm feelings then allowing the body to attend then complete tasks. Ease a hectic day with a straw or grip a spoonful of nut butter. Fall temperatures dip into cooler mornings and evenings that make slurping soup (butternut squash-yum!), hot beverages, or a room temperature cocktail fun AND health-giving.

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