“GIG Design has helped me to set and achieve my goals by focusing on taking small realistic steps and visualizing the entire process from start to finish utilizing the tree model.”  J. Whitham, Executive & Producer

Quality, timeliness, attention to detail, communication – all can be affected by how a person chooses to manage their work responsibilities. GIG Design is a wellbeing support system for employees that facilitates health awareness and accommodations to enhance the work place, the work process and work outcomes. Positive or negative outcomes in the work place are influenced by the health of the employee, personal inter-relationships, efficient equipment and the work environment. Through observation of people in their surroundings GIG Design identifies and adjusts factors contributing to health, wellbeing and performance.


In a Rand Workplace Wellness Program Study only 46% employees chose to become aware of their present health needs. GIG Design is an effective outreach to unaware employees.1


Choose GIG Design to control variables that result in wellbeing, profitability and benefits.


The fishbone diagram summarizes what we observe to formulate solutions. The finish line varies for every workplace. The value of GIG Design Services is achieving winning outcomes and solutions unique to and identified by your specific workplace.

What problems are keeping business from getting to the finish line?

How does the workplace environment demonstrate interest and engage in utilizing positive health resources?

We can help!


GIG Design solves factors that present barriers to performance.


GIG Design collaborates to formulate solutions, work out problems, and get to a competitive advantage:

gig-design-services_outcomes employee wellbeing,
 improving profitability, and
 increasing benefits.

These tangible and intangible outcomes may be recognized in:
Creative Culture,
Job Performance,
Temporal Benefits,
Informational Benefits,
Relational Benefits, and
Financial Benefits.

Control variables identifies and optimizes the positive aspects of each area.