Here’s one idea to help get past that midday point: trample through it! When most reach for caffeine, sugar or just plain zone out, a mini trampoline (also known as a rebounder) is better than a candy dish for visitors.  It would certainly bring laughter into your work space! Below are four reasons a mini trampoline works in the workplace.

Jump and chat. Kick off your pumps and jump. Start jumping contests with co-workers.  Ten jumps or fifteen seconds on the mini-trampoline can circulate your blood to wake up your brain and body, lower stress, and cuts out unnecessary snacking!

Katrina manages a team of over sixty employees within an international business. She vows her rebounder is an asset to managing the stress within her day:

Outside of many health benefits, rebounding is fun, gives you a sense of freedom and I believe it curtails fatigue and makes me feel extremely energetic and confident.  Most importantly, I find myself smiling while I am exercising!

Easy to pull, easy to stow. I timed the break-down through stow-away of a Needak at 39 seconds total, and retrieval-to-assemble at 26 seconds. The Needak is a cinch to store and tow with spring-loaded legs. The legs fold towards the mat to create a lean product that will stash under or aside furniture.

Get creative! Adjust lighting to use the frame shadow-cast as a design element on your office wall or floor. The Needak material and shape stands beside office furnishings.  It’s design purpose in body support, the luster, curves and clean lines nod to an Aeron chair. Compare their aesthetic similarities:

A mini-trampoline is an alternative seat, too! A perfect place to sit and stretch at any time of day. A furnishing statement that encourages a healthy way to refresh ideas, bounce during brainstorming, leads an entertaining social break.  It sets a higher office standard.  Those with a mini-trampoline demonstrate self-discipline. Send your snack money or mid-afternoon fatigue to the guy who still thinks inside the box. The one who only sits to think.