FACT service is 30-minutes of learning + applying food allergen basics.

As food allergy issues are rising so is food service for those dining with health needs. Restaurants want to serve and direct customers into a dining experience that results in extraordinary Yelps, Tweets, and reviews. Workplaces want a dining space where all their employees are safe to relax between or during work tasks.

Food Allergy Coaching & Training (FACT) is the ideal solution for resolving food allergy issues that cost productivity and profitability.

FACT results in: 

  • Loyal customers and employees;
  • Improved dining experience; and
  • Confident staff.* 
  • Restaurants tap into a market with sales growth currently at 61%, equaling $2 billion in 2019;
  • Is a recipe for small business owner success; and
  • Unifies staff with a fundamental, nutritional peak that isn’t going away soon.**

FACT provides answers to:

  • Why is it important to understand and determine what food allergies are?
  • What are food allergies?
  • When digesting foods what happens to people with food allergies?
  • How do staff best communicate to people with food allergies?
  • Where is the best research to further understand about food allergies?
Food Allergy Training is ideal for restaurants that:
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Are aware food allergies exist but disregard GF customer satisfaction.

Marketing as a GF restaurant but menu items aren’t marked as GF and staff isn’t trained.

Advertise as GF and identify gluten free menu items without official staff training.

Food Allergy Coaching is ideal for businesses because:
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Employee awareness of the effects of food allergies reduce presenteeism’s cost on productivity.

Colleagues demonstrate actionable teamwork with those suffering from food allergies.

Workplaces exposing performance issues impacting employee health reduces absenteeism and turnover.

Anita is the ideal food allergy coach with a certificate issued by ServSafe on Michigan Allergens Training and Assessment. She understands the complexities of serving customers with work history including pubs, restaurants, and fine-dining. Also, Anita appreciates the difficulties with dining and pot-lucking with employees with nine years of living with gluten-free diet restrictions and concerns.

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*  National Restaurant Association, 2017
** US News, 2014