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This last week I’ve spent more time on my computer than usual.  I have certainly felt accomplished but after a few days in a row, I realized my eyes hurt.  For many working people, staring at a computer for several hours is the norm in the workplace. That means, hours of screen time not including late night television binges, texts to friends, or surfing the net for recipes.

Some side effects of all this time spent with our eyes on screens can be eye strain, headaches, or vision changes. If continued long term it can lead to potential health risks. Below are some strategies for screen time usage:

CONTEXT Connect -meet in an environment that supports listening to a person instead of texting; be certain any screen is at least 20-40 inches away; invest in anti-glare screens.

OCCUPATIONAL DRIVEN  Awareness – check out your routines to see if a screen is even necessary; use an app, like Moment, to track your phone usage; take eye breaks…walk away from your screen. Aim for at least 20 second breaks every 20 minutes according to Mayo Clinc.

SENSORY Write snail mail once a month.

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