$1095 each. Discounts apply with Business Packages.

The Equip Package teaches how to successfully identify untapped resources resulting in empowering work outcomes. The WholeBeSM method pairs design-thinking with self-awareness. Individuals who complete Equip use their creative lens to achieve best responses to people, tasks, and environmental elements including sounds, smells, and visual stimulants. WholeBeSM results in being resourceful and observant.

Respond to people, tasks, and environments with reactions that engage creativity and the ability to adapt for personal and professional successes.

  • Complete our online, 15-minute quantitative and qualitative Performance Assessment.
  • Upon submission a bar graph identifies present actionable performance behaviors.
  • A Performance Outcome summary may be provided to the employer.
  • Next, an email will prompt scheduling a 45-minute online coaching session to overview and define assessment results, plus next steps.
  • Complete our WholeBeSM method online within a minimum of three to six 45-minute online sessions. We recommend each session completed within 3 to 7 days from the prior.
  • Sessions reveal untapped resources, empowers creativity, improves active listening, and motivates setting then applying values to performance.
  • Ongoing coaching is provided as needed through and following completion of WholeBeSM over a minimum of 180-days.
  • Outcomes are measured over a minimum of 180-days.