“We were able to meet each employee’s specific needs as well as create a lovely collaboration area for the team.” David H.

GIG Design produces the greatest value and competitive advantage for businesses because we equip employees. Online and onsite performance and design coaching averages an 88% employee performance improvement over 180-days.

Companies that equip employees have four times the success rate.*

WholeBeSM is included in our best value option. It includes both a Performance and Design Kit. Together they uniquely equip individual employees with the necessary, specific skills to perform better at work, home, and in the community.

GIG’s EQUIP SERVICE OPTION achieves actionable outcomes.

  1. Each employee completes our online, 15-minute quantitative and qualitative Performance Assessment. Submitted answers immediately provides a bar graph of current actionable performance behaviors.
  2. A GIG Design Coach follows-up the assessment with a pre-scheduled, 45-minute online direct assessment to discuss the three top actionable performance outcomes revealed in their Performance Assessment. One of two WholeBeSM Kits are mailed to the employee’s home address.
  3. WholeBeSM is facilitated online with reoccurring success following three to six 45-minute online sessions. Coaching reveals untapped resources, teaches creativity, empowers active listening, and motivates personal and culture values.
  4. Measured actionable performance outcomes at a minimum of 180-days.

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Expose Stressors to Reclaim Purpose, Improve Organization, Energize Relationships


A Seamstress Exhibiting Stress In The Workplace


Ignite A Culture Destiny Into Creative, Timely, Collaborative Behaviors


* gallup.com/businessjournal/182228/managers-engaged-jobs.aspx