The world is changing and so must our classrooms. Teachers, designers, and the like, have taken a critical eye to classroom aesthetics. Learning and teaching styles have shifted from a desk style to active movement and virtual problem solving. Thanks to entrepreneurs, our academics now include blended learning, diverse charter schools and various home schooling approaches.

Let’s take a peek into how future thinkers turned teachers provide education think tanks to hold together all learning styles. Below is an offering of Silicon Valley’s most recent academies and customized programs:



Kids do any activity that is mind-expanding, including welding and filming movies. Gever Tulley has a goal of 70 to 80 students in future academic years, which is variable due to parents acceptance of unconstrained environment, with grades and tests replaced by high expectations.


San Francisco Schoolhouse

The school building is a synagogue but ‘school’ is a one-room micro school with the teacher-student ratio is 2:5. A mom turned sour at the sticker price of charter schooling to an affordable middle-class operation.


Alta Vista School

This school takes the scientific method to the core curriculum with all topics approached with inquiry, hypothesis, experimentation, and discovery.

Conductive Education Center of San Francisco

The conductive education approach used in Europe and Australia, now incorporated into this private camp for children with motor disabilities. Elizabeth Prueitt’s goal is for this six-week camp to turn full-time school.

Customized Programs


Berkley offers K-10 an array of math and science courses.


Outstanding Academic Opportunities

Non-profit co-op offering online (and offline) lectures and discussions, workshops, study sessions crafted for 6-12 homeschooled students.


The Crucible

Michael Sturtz is behind this non-profit industrial arts education facility to teach children by taking things apart and welding them back together again.


Trackers Earth

Programs scheduled during all times of day and through the year to offer children a chance to learn about the outdoors and then apply those skills to everyday life (originated in Portland, with a Berkley CA branch).

Riekes Center for Human Enhancement

A home-school program that brings equal attention to fitness as it does academic through integrating sports, creative arts, nature immersion programs, and community-service opportunities into teaching.


Flex Academy

Online courses designed for interactive fun partnered with educational powerhouses, offering 130 courses provided in a charter school classroom.

Stanford University Online High School

Seven through twelve grade independent school run by Stanford. Not to forget to mention that 70% of the teachers have PhDs.

Khan Academy 

Online ten minute tutorials that teach complex concepts, posting daily homework and problem sets to solidify the YouTube curricula.

Rocketship Education

Combined traditional class settings with online learning and active parent involvement.