Home management and meal preparation are two tasks that are becoming a lost art. Women and men are prioritizing their career, parenthood, social life, exercise – prescribed chaos a minimum of 4 times a week without time to cook. Being well requires adjusting to new social norms.

How do you manage food resources with new social norms? 

Children’s understanding of meals have evolved.  Take for instance juicing as a meal substitute. Nourishment is evolving.  Nutritional plans prioritize body needs with time management. Fiber is a major missing contributor to each meal. Juicing that extracts the whole food loses the fiber necessary for healthy digestion.

No fiber equals havoc on the liver and hormones.

Try one of these four ideas to keep nourishment in check with performance:

Co-cook through a favorite cookbook with one or more of your friends 1. schedule cooking dates, 2. then double up recipes to freeze, 3. we highly recommend journaling the experiences on the recipe page – to freeze the memory!

Invest in a Vitamix. Too costly? Go in on one with friends or just ask to visit a friend with this master kitchen tool. Whip through several recipes in one evening. Use the bonus down time (because this tool is THAT efficient) to sit down and catch up. Freeze meal size quantities.

Brit + Co has proves to be a resource for simple one-person meals. They have an app that helps with last minute planning.

Isagenix International provides four different nutritional systems that are comprehensive, clean, and effective. Their systems are great for the individual that has difficulty sticking to a regimen for weight-loss, healthy aging, energy, and performance goals.

Nourished body then happy body! Eat to be a vigorous, energetic person that’s eager to tackle another project.

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