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$595 per employee.

The Discover package provides employees with specific performance elements supporting performance or distracting them from their best. GIG Design coaching facilitates understanding of specific skills, patterns, habits, and interactions identified by way of the Performance Assessment. Employees become aware of what presently impacts their success and the success of their employer.  Following several sessions an employee improves their work role capabilities by immediately applying several behaviors strategies identified through our coaching skill.

  • Selected employees complete our online, 15-minute quantitative and qualitative¬†Performance Assessment.
  • Submitted answers immediately provides a bar graph of current actionable performance behaviors, their definitions and the factors effecting each behavior.
  • A Performance Outcome summary is provided to the employer following completion of the Performance Assessment.
  • A GIG Design Coach follows-up the assessment with a pre-scheduled, 45-minute online direct assessment to identify and discuss strategies of the three top actionable performance behaviors revealed as a barrier to performance outcomes.
  • Three additional 45-minute online coaching sessions facilitates employee discovery of performance skills, habits, patterns, and interactions demanding and strengthening actionable performance outcomes.
  • Coaching facilitates several immediate strategies improving the top three eroding performance behaviors.
  • Behavior and performance outcomes are measured over a minimum of 180-days.