“Well thought out…good visual cues as Anita guided us to what ultimately became a brainstorming session for each space or item to be addressed.” Brian F.,  Small Business Owner
“We don’t fight over what to put in the corner anymore!”     Amy B., Small Business Owner

GIG’s evidence-based process improves employee capability to discover performance strengths and demand factors. Distractions, dissatisfaction and anger are costly and harm performance outcomes. Employee skills, habits, patterns, and interactive choices result in absenteeism, turnover, theft, accidents, defects, customer loyalty, productivity, and profitability.

Discover performance that clarifies eroding factors.

Our team of professionals reveal hidden factors to valuable cross-performance. Stress impacts health, which returns missed work days. Also, depression directly effects turnover. More so, musculoskeletal disorders are the leading healthcare cost in the country. Employee’s discover performance clarity with GIG’s performance and design coaching.

GIG’s DISCOVER SERVICE OPTION promotes actionable outcomes.

  1. Each employee completes our online, 15-minute quantitative and qualitative Performance Assessment. Submitted answers immediately provides a bar graph of current actionable performance behaviors.
  2. A GIG Design Coach follows-up the assessment with a pre-scheduled, 45-minute online direct assessment to discuss the three top actionable performance outcomes revealed in their Performance Assessment.
  3. Up to three 45-minute online discussions facilitates employee discovery of behavior skills, habits, patterns, and interactions demanding or strengthening actionable performance outcomes.
  4. Measured actionable performance outcomes at a minimum of 180-days.

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