Interior design is a rewarding way to nourish behaviors. Rooms or offices designed with the user meets personal needs by aesthetics and task functionality. The insight of a designer facilitates the ‘look’ and furnishings, yet an opinion without understanding performance restraints functionality unique to the user.

A relationships exists between the physical environment, work attitudes and wellbeing (Hammon and Jones, 2013).

Aesthetics prime feelings and direct behaviors. When a steady grip is on a hot beverage then perception of peer attitudes sway towards warm, friendly (Bargh, 2008). The opposite is true with a cold beverage. Sight perception may trigger a responses for safety, avoidance, or adversity.

A practical approach to creating or organizing a work space is to fist explore then identify work task elements. These may include time demands, stage of life, natural lighting, and body regulation. Secondly, observe reactions to color, form, object scale, and lighting.

WholeBeSM Design Toolkit identifies specific performance elements unique to work roles, work space, and performance behaviors. Our performance and design coach assists with identifying products to purchase, modify or purge. Schedule the Equip Package today to get started.

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Design element for the Sensory -Craving user
Calming Space | A ‘nook’ aesthetic to self-regulate for energy conservation at work in consideration to achieve your best self if with an insatiable drive for enhanced sensory experiences.


Occupational design element for the over-responsive user
Attention to Performance | Organize information with varied textures, colors, gradients and grids in consideration to achieve your best self if exaggerated, negative responses is a typical sensory experience.


Office Furnishings | Color and movement by seat in consideration for your best self if muted or delayed responses to daily sensory events.


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