A task that we all do, all too often, is email and texting. Before smartphones and laptops occupational therapists were steadily treating carpal tunnel. We still are, yet smaller devices increased rehab needs for Repetitive Strain Injury’s or De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis diagnosis.

Carol Leynse Harpold offers Ergonomics and Texting Thumbs interventions. Design for ergonomic positioning and pacing with one or more of these creative techniques:


Eclectic Home Office design by San Francisco Architect Nick Noyes Architecture  

Pacing: a work setting that provides various spaces to take a break, change body position.

Pacing: reduce text time by setting a timer

Pacing: If limiting time or taking a break isn’t an option consider using a keyboard

Position: to accommodate back and neck posture in task with arms rested at a height suitable to view, Aeron provides swift armrest adjusting as posture changes between tasks

Technique: cut key input and go with your voice

Exercises: OTS With Apps offer good resources…I highly recommend you add a tattoo


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