I am exploring. I imagine “exploration” to be out at sea, going into caves or walking on lands I haven’t even heard of.  I imagine screaming, “Ahoy captain! Take me to the closest island. I want to claim it as mine!”  I’m peering through a pair of binoculars. The island that I imagine is filled with an abundance of food, a toilet and all the amenities of typical American life.

That island that I imagine probably doesn’t even exist and if it does, it probably belongs to some wealthy billionaire or royal heir.  I’ll call these large scale explorations.  I’m outgrowing my sadness as I notice my definition of exploration is a lot different from “Indiana Jones” or “Gilligan’s Island”.

The scale of this world seems so much smaller. Maybe that’s a good thing because now that I’m old enough to analyze the adventurous movie scenes, they are actually quite dangerous and stressful.  Lately, I’ve been on micro-exploration adventures. Some may call it daydreaming.  It may include staring into the details on a button, visually tracing sprouts of grass, or observing how people sign their names.

I now discover or re-discover how people, nature and things are all very unique. It’s my way of stopping and smelling the roses.  It’s equally satisfying.

GIG Design | Intellectual Performance

DESIGN^that inspires | Consider ways to prompt creative exploration within home or workplace cultural beliefs and/or standards


DESIGN^that inspires | Consider ways to motivate exploration in self-care and social roles. Eva Zeisel


DESIGN^that inspires | Consider sights that engage creative behaviors.