It’s the process that creates a perfect cup of coffee…the aroma, color, shape, sounds and the movement and the location of where the coffee beans are stored or the drive to the cafe. It’s all sensory data that is registered in your brain.

RadioLab airs how the brain interprets this by using the metaphor music.  The entire broadcast is worth the hour listen, but if your short on time skip forty-four minutes into RadioLabs play-by-play of creating a cup of coffee within the sensory interpretation.

Coffee-lovers are stimulated when they hear the word coffee.  Nutritionally, its a completely different playing field. My focus here isn’t on how coffee nourishes but to begin a conversation about the effect of creating a cup (or four) may be equally gratifying without drinking it.  Some may need to cut back on coffee or eliminate it for health reasons. There are ways to maintain what coffee provides without drinking it.

If you’re a coffee lover how do you splurge or resist each day?


Contemporary Kitchen by Detroit Kitchen And Bath Millennium Cabinetry – coffee maker stored in line with eye-view, ergonomically positioned to reduce bending or reaching, sink-side.
Traditional Kitchen by Portland Design-build Mosaik Design & Remodeling – sleek coffee station with emphasis on the product, technology, space-saving. 
Traditional Kitchen – the coffee or tea enthusiasts, entertainers or a significant ritual to their every day.  Unforgettable to every day.
Traditional Kitchen by Wilton Design-build Country Club Homes – the focal point is off of coffee, on to architecture and ergonomics.
Contemporary Kitchen by Seattle Kitchen And Bath NW Home Designers – Coffee makers don’t store easily and require extra steps to set-up, clean up and maintain cleanliness within the task setting. How frequent coffee is made is significant to where it’s kept.
Contemporary Kitchen by Bethesda Design-build CARNEMARK – a pop, variety of color feeds sensory information different from coffee, unless it’s The Coffee Cup.

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