Contribute to the Wellbeing in Your Community

Wellbeing is similar to a life novel. Each year is a new chapter.

Every experience is etched into our brain’s fibers. The nervous system relies on each etching like the blind depend on brail to read. This flow – experience, brain processing, behavior output by the nervous system – creates a life rhythm.

As life plays out it artfully ascends into metaphors or teachable moments for onlookers. Self-awareness may rattle that life rhythm when a discovery parallels one’s own circumstances.

Do you document your life experiences?

Family trees, journaling, painting, scrapbooking only name a few ways people document their joy and pain. How might your experiences be connected to past family members? Is your ancestries hardship or joy etched into your being?

There’s beauty to a statuesque pile of journals or photo albums. Often they sit untouched, overlooked. Intentions for a pile of books may be for aesthetic appeal rather than intentional browsing with guests.

What’s one way to initiate frequent revelations for you and others?

Sharing past experiences┬ádeepens relationships. Being vulnerable opens up opportunities for untold stories. All moments in life – past or present – offers insight to the listener or onlooker of pictures and words revealing stories.

Sharing creates a bond to motivation and healing. Contribute to the wellbeing in your community by engaging in the culture with story telling.

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