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This past week, I attended a course that focuses on preventing and managing undesirable behaviors.  As part of the exercise it stated:

Connect all dots using two lines:





Fairly easy. It creates a line.  Next was connecting two rows of dots, for a total of six dots.  The instructions read:

Connect using 4 lines:

.             .

.             .

.             .


It created a square.  Not too challenging just yet.  The last challenge was to still only:

Use four lines to connect 9 circles:


I am a very literal person so I assumed the idea was to have every dot connecting to every other dot.  Therefore it made this equation impossible.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. Over thinking.  Sometimes we complicate things to the point of further confusion.  Why does this behavior happen only at this time of day?  Why did this person react in that manner? What is my own body trying to tell me?

Quickly, those questions can lead to a plethora of responses.  For this reason, I love to meet with people, consult, strategize.  As for the first question above:

  • Maybe hunger is an issue, tired, or lack of physical movement.
  • Maybe the peer sitting next to him/her has those issues and acts to be in control.
  • Maybe management doesn’t attend to employee needs and it builds up to exactly that time everyday.

But if we are only able to see beyond – think outside of the box, then we are able to address a person wholly.  Sensations are frequently overlooked. A scenario may be a gustatory sensitivity – digesting food. An office located near a break room wafts scents that may be overwhelming or, perhaps confusing focus.  An agitated feeling may be the result. Those who have difficulty voicing this issue may lead to physical or verbal aggressiveness.

After the speaker gave the answer to the puzzle mentioned earlier, it seemed obvious. Sometimes the answer is right in front of us if we take a step back and look far beyond the boundaries of the box. Connect the dots to relief.


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