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“That’s it! My sister and I are on a sabbatical!”

These words were spoken over the phone the other day by someone near to my heart.  They were hard words to hear considering both persons are absolutely lovely.

With that being said, we have all had times in our life where relationships have been toxic and the need for a timeout has been in order. Peers in the workplace bring diversity. It’s difficult to put a timeout in place with them. Communication problems at work requires quick solutions for meeting common goals.  So how do you bring about healthy communication following a problem?


Answering these questions may help:

Am I able to listen or am I still too heated?

Am I aware of my tone? Aware of my language? Aware of my body language?

What positives surround this person and this relationship?

What ground rules do I need in order to communicate?

There are also many great resources, such as counselors, mediators, spiritual guides that specialize in healing communication when we just don’t have the words. provides one game plan online. The workplace is an environment with a common goal. Initiate a game plan with your peers in preparation for conversations that get heated. Post them in a personal space and encourage your peers to do the same. A common ground begins with defining it.