The human eye can see over 7 million colors. Visual stimulation is fascinating.  On top of that, we can see patterns (2D) and texture (3D).  Plus, wall colors and patterns can really change a room’s atmosphere.

Colors such as sage green and soft blue are particularly calming to me. Perhaps, these colors remind me of a green grass knolls and the endless blue sky. Neutral colors in particular can calm your senses as well.  In contrary, colors such as bright red, orange, electric (neon) yellow or pink may be quite exhilarating. I like wearing these colors to work out. Not to mention, it might prevent a car from hitting me when I’m on the road.  Polka dots, contrasting checkered bright colors can be very alarming or alerting.  There are patterns that can even trick our minds into thinking that the room is spinning.

When you need to wake up or chill out then change out your computer wall paper. Consider to make this an interchangeable art piece(s) to change a room’s. Further more, if it’s too much of a hassle, you can consider the color/pattern of  your clothing garment too.  After all, you’d see what you wear. Dress your computer screen towards your intention today!

Our brain associates different colors to different memories. For example, sea foam green may be a calming color, but it might have reminded you of your grandmother’s chaotic kitchen growing up. It could have been fond memories, but then again, it could stir up some unwanted or repulsive emotions.

The color and pattern relationship to life experiences stimulates your wellbeing. How might you design to stimulate daily performance?

Calming colors


Bright colors



Patterns (2D)