Clarity On The Meaning To Fulfill Wellness Within

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What do you consider being well? Is it the ability to run a 5k? To take your dog for a walk? To play with your kids? To sit outside?

Wellness is all those things.  It goes beyond those healthy resources to living a meaningful, full life.  It covers having symptoms, signs, maybe even a disease which may require treatment.  But it also includes being mindful, aware, educated and achieving growth to who you want to be on a daily basis.

I remember as  a kid always wanting to strive for a vibrant life when I grew up.  This included being outside, being active, having close friends and family and learning as much as I could about the world around me.  Those little insights I had at a young age have helped me shape my ideas of wellness.  Now having shared time with a variety of people, I have come to recognize the importance of being well and ultimately where it could take me.

The concept of wellness within can mean something different for anyone you ask in your life – your hairdresser, librarian, favorite waitress, mother, child.  When asking a friend she said it meant “Being able to cook a good meal to share with my family. Hopefully to make them healthy, too.”