What do you consider being well? Is it the ability to run a 5k? To take your dog for a walk? To play with your kids? To sit outside?

Wellbeing is all those things.

It goes beyond those healthy resources to living a meaningful, full life.

It covers having symptoms, signs, maybe even a disease which may require treatment.  But it also includes being mindful, aware, educated and achieving growth to who you want to be on a daily basis.

I remember as a kid always wanting to strive for a vibrant life when I grew up.  This included being outside, being active, having close friends and family and learning as much as I could about the world around me.  Those little insights I had at a young age have helped me shape my ideas of wellbeing.  Now having shared time with a variety of people, I have come to recognize the importance of being well and ultimately where it could take me.

Questions to Ask:
  1. “My life is full and meaningful” – rate the accuracy of this statement on a scale from 1 (hardly) to 10 (absolutely!).
  2. How similar are current adult play activities to those from childhood?
  3. What is one thing difficult to be mindful of?
  4. What is one current education-oriented pursuit?

The concept of wellbeing varies for anyone you ask in your life – your hairdresser, librarian, favorite waitress, mother, child.  When asking a friend she said it meant “Being able to cook a good meal to share with my family. Hopefully to make them healthy, too.”

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