The Creative Process of Invention: Filmmaking Short

What are the results of going through a WholeBe toolkit? A creative process to goal attainment and setting the tone to do, be, and become one with a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. These results provide an ongoing engagement of creating thinking in nuance to complex tasks. The Creative Process of Invention: Filmmaking Short is an example we’re […]


When Teen Dating Adds Stress to Work and Home Life

Blending parenthood and work roles is often challenging. A culture of support helps when teen dating adds stress to work and home life. Many of today’s employers recognize this. An annual list of the top 100 best companies is available for executive mothers seeking employers that support the blend of work and parent roles. Businesses that […]


The Solution: Sit or Stand

It’s recognized that the solution to share with those who sit for a long time isn’t to tell them to stand or get more exercise. In fact, standing too long has more health consequences then sitting too long. People working in sales roles are at the greatest risk. There are numerous health risks for both standing […]


How to Improve Poor Workplace Social Skills

There’s a work proverb that may hit a tender spot and it goes like this: “anytime means no time”. It lowers workplace social skills with an easy out to reply ‘anytime’ rather than committing a task to a specific day or time. Another is “tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, […]


How to Motivate Work Days as Endless Meaningful Activities

Last week over 50% of attendees bailed on a workshop. The subject was meeting and managing stress. Employees didn’t have the time due to reported demanding deadlines. Additional reports were feelings of stress. So, how do we motivate a stressed-out work force into meaningful work activities through reduced stress and improved performance? There are numerous […]


Three Performance Factors Used to Resolve Big Problems

While scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across Simon Sinek’s post of a quote from Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick. An image of a mosquito was paired with the quote: “If you think you are too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” Can the literal size of the mosquito compared […]

Solutions connecting design and performance begin with understanding sensory needs. When hypersensitive to an environments one response is avoidance.

How To Thrive When You Are Hypersensitive to Environments

Often simply thinking about being in a certain place at a certain time is exhausting. When this is most often the case then it there may be a hypersensitive tendency. Awareness of sensory needs simplifies solving the connect between design factors and excelling performance. When a person is hypersensitive to an environment the most noticeable response […]

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Why Inhaling Lavender or Coffee Effects Work

Inhaling scents directly effects moodiness. A scent like coffee may become a game changer in the workplace. Yet, which scents are truly helping or hindering work? Unity, health, and confidence may be produced by just one scent. We may create a common place by using external factors because they effect each of our internal factors. This second annual […]

Talent management developing multi-generational workforces

Three Talent Management Strategies Developing Multi-generational Workforce

Across generations, creating meaning at work is key to being. We use Being here to capture identity, self-awareness, and tolerance. Talent management practices that engage a multi-generational workforce are informed by an understanding of the influences and values of each generation.  Incorporating trends such as: Baby Boomers crave contributing. Generation Xers seek clear logic for their work tasks. Millennials want to […]


How To Recognize Which Skills Make Life Harder

Every day we are naturally a part of stories revealing the best or worst skills. Activities, including storytelling, share which skill sharpened in lieu of another. Do you know which skills make life harder for you? When we experience unhappiness, frequent illness or other life hardening conditions we are likely sharpening the culprits.  cer] When in doubt, probably a quick measure could […]

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Benchmarking Strategies - GIG Design LLC

These Benchmarking Tools Unify Employees

When the weather is hot then work attire naturally accommodates. There are other factors that change, too, when weather changes. Climate influences behaviors including the type of outdoor activities and also moodiness. Much as everyone benefits from being prepared for weather adversities, businesses are learning the climate of the workplace is somewhat similar. Benchmarking tools unify a […]


How To Be An Effective Multigenerational Workforce

Managing an effective multigenerational workforce requires tolerance and transformative thinking. Our generation membership is a contextual factor that affects our communication and work styles, and also our values and perceptions. The Doing, Being, Becoming Model from occupational therapy offers an effective managerial approach. This model establishes a collaborative work environment that harnesses the strengths of each […]

Gallup reported 68% of U.S. employees were not engaged. Workforces creating value do these two things for fostering productive habits and routines.

Workforces Creating Value Do Habits

Gallup reported 68% of United States employees in 2015 were not engaged. As a result employees are not doing their work. Workforces creating value do strengthening activities. So, their work ethic, work style, habits and routines are naturally creating organizational values. Observing others doing brings opportunities to understand their values. Therefore, it strengthens team-based performance, and […]

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organizations change employee behaviors

How An Organization Changes Employee Behaviors

A multi-generational workplace is naturally diverse with good and maybe not-so-good behaviors. Organizations that unify the people, environment, and brand with their mission and vision provide behavioral direction. Where clarity exists there’s also a notion of rewarding conditions. Consequently, constancy of circumstances lead affective working conditions. Jocelyn Goldfein along with her executive team became haunted by experiencing […]


Why Design Sensibility Is a Design-Thinking Process

There’s a distinct difference between a performance program and a performance process. Programs is defined as a planned series of future events, items, or performances. Alternatively, ‘process’ is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Programs follow detailed proposals or action steps. Processes follow a series or number […]


Three Effective Steps to Manage Millennials In The Workplace

For the past several years I’ve been listening to managers complain about millennials in the workplace. They say “they’re a problem to the workplace and peers. They act as if they are entitled.” Millennials are different. Simon Sinek explains four characteristics to why milennials are who they are: parenting (style), impatience, technology, and environment. Sinek stated that […]

We're dishing and digging into our blog and Pinterest archives to share eighteen tips for a remarkably healthy Memorial Day weekend. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Eighteen Tips to Be Resilient for Healthier Holidays

Holiday’s are here! To support the cause of avoiding ditching healthy me-time, play-time, and we-time we’re dishing eighteen tips to be remarkably resilient. RAINY DAYS MAKES WAY FOR INDOOR PLAY Who said it has to be sunny to move and shake over the holiday? Holidays aren’t an every day thing so be inventive. Turn up […]

Are you tired of feeling bloated or depleted of energy? We've got 18 diet resources listed below that will empower your life. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

18 Diet Resources Empowering Disease and Injury Prevention

Eating habits may often lead to being bloated or feeling depleted of energy. Doctor Norman Boeve has witnessed the strain obesity contributes to a person’s skeletal system and overall health. “Everything you put in your mouth works toward either health or disease. Think ‘Is this bad for me’?” Doctor Boeve is a retired orthopedic surgeon who now […]

Knowing what stress is, how it spreads, and how it's good will directly point the need to act when tension is present. Here are scientific-proven methods. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

How Stress Spreads and Methods To Avoid It

Two employees walk into the office one regularly-scheduled work day morning. They respectfully go their separate desks, set down their belongings but cling to the unnerving chaos experienced moments before work. Mental disorders from unmanaged stress are climbing far above heart conditions, cancer, and diabetes. Everyone experiences stress.  Shared similar interests creates a community. Current points of tension to […]

A workplace that doesn't shame fear will allow employees to thrive. Here's how to improve performance through the uniqueness of each employee. Photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Wellbeing Knowledge-sharing Improves Employee Engagement

Shaming peers squander their ability to thrive. Fear is a common feeling that is shamed. A workplace culture supporting feelings like fear embrace employee wellbeing . This action endorses the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Americans with Disabilities Act. Addressing how employee’s problem-solve at work initiates an improvement to how they solve performance behavior issues. According […]

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Have you seen how sensory integration improves work results? The science behind productivity is knowing how your central nervous system works. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Work Performance Satisfaction Directly Correlates with Sensitivities

It’s difficult to convey an important message or inquiry with someone who doesn’t speak the same language, as James McAvoy demonstrates. Sensations are similar to languages. Sight, sound, odor, body movement, taste, body exertion, touch, and instinct each speak and respond to specific details within surroundings. Sensation communicates then body responds. When laying with a […]

Individual's daily resources that constitute as their wellbeing inevitably differ. Do employer's know how to solve for diversity? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Variable Employee Performance Resources Overcome Top 5 Workplace Issues

Typically when someone experiences the novel verses the norm of every day life it is articulated as something everyone needs to try. This might be a fresh approach to organizing or the empowerment from an app. Yet, swapping something new for something old isn’t a guarantee of the same gratification for everyone. Resources undoubtedly vary […]

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Daytime inactivity, and poor health are contributors to poor sleep. What about work burdening days? The high cost of our basic need for sleep is real. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

The High Cost Of Work Burdening The Basic Need For Sleep

Imagine what your lifestyle will be like when you are ninety years old. Older adults ability to feel satisfied and participate in meaningful activities or engage in social activities are protected by poor sleep. Their daytime inactivity, and poor health are contributors to poor sleep. Habits protect the basic need for sleep. Physical and mental responses […]

Cultural awareness may be towards blame or to matchmake satisfaction with performance through person, task, and environment. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Employee, Task, Environment Satisfaction For Best Performance

The fabric of performance outcomes is interdependent on employee, task, and environment. Quality performance is the result of an environment supporting employees engaged in roles that are meaningful to them through work tasks that satisfy both their and the employer mission. PERSON There are two overarching roles in the workplace: the leader and the employee. […]

Do you believe the tree can be a muse to design and health? Read six reasons why this ecological frame of mind is subtle but powerful. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Why I Look To The Trees For Design and Health Continuity

Today there is an absorbent amount of information readily available for whatever issue is at hand. People are becoming more specialized and willingly ready or already sharing what they know. Since childhood, I look to the trees for continuity. Last year I heard Ed Catmul say “art is about seeing,” as he explained how he created […]


Three Themes of Spirituality Effect Performance As Revealed In Research

Performance is effected by the unavoidable and planned major life events. A two year study of 2,106 people identified the birth of a first child caused the most significant impact on wellbeing. The events following included divorce, unemployment, and death of a spouse. Chronic stress is reported to effect the immune system and ultimately a person’s quality […]

The belief pain or tingling will go away on it's own is cause for transference of the core issue at hand. Try these three remedies for the pain to stop. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

What to Do To Prevent or Address Pain or Numbness From Work Tasks

Severe future health issues may occur if there pain or numbness is presently ignored in the hand, arm, leg or foot. Temporary pain remedies may cause transference of the core issue. Listed below are three safe remedies to stop persisting pain. Seek multiple opinions with an interdisciplinary team. A variety of specialized professionals provide alternative perspectives […]

Unite the wellbeing of people and cultures through these health resources that energize body and mind tactics identified as spirituality. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Performance Behaviors and Strategies For Pain and Stress from Trauma

It is often suggested to avoid discussions about spirituality, yet this behavior offers numerous performance resources. Medical professionals openly ask questions about spiritual behaviors to energize performance outcomes. Pain, stress, and trauma effect mental and physical health.  Jay Mahler is the founder of The California Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative. His purview of spiritual performance is “the […]

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Behaviors from being easily distracted and distressed have been researched since the 1960's. It's solvable by modifying hypersensitive behaviors. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Six Case Studies Where Sensations Became Mind Fuel

Behavior results from being distracted and distressed have been researched since the 1960’s. Science’s primary focus is on the central nervous system’s response to sensations. Results identify that performance behaviors failing to modify sensory intake sufficiently create perceptual instability. Performance abilities reducing or eliminating distractions and distress are demonstrated by employees with a healthy mind and body. […]

Our bodies are the evidence of what type of fuel is used. Which of these fuels the ability to focus? The evidence will show up with aging. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

These Three Fuels Improve Performance Abilities

It’s the start of one of those Monday’s that requires concerted effort to do things. There’s the smell of coffee lingering mixed with the aroma of fresh bagels beside the buffet of several cream cheeses. Noise levels heighten as peers huddle to collaborate. The smartphone chimes with each email and text message. Recently we did […]

Commit to the justice of a quality by knowing performance opportunities for communicating rights, responsibilities and liberties for productive change. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Three Ways to Identify Performance Literacy

Those creeping internal sensations of doing too much of something begs for occupational literacy. Occupational therapist Elizabeth Townsend defines it as “a source of language and skills for persons at any age to adapt to diverse contexts and purposes.” Internal sensations may be difficult to identify with words. Feelings are often confused with a need. For example, […]

Not being heard may sting but there are words, actions, and self-preparation strategies to boost morale. How do you use your voice when no one is listening?

How to Listen and Respond With Awareness to State of Health

One common source of stress is not being heard. This takes form in many ways with similar outcomes including a blow to morale. Below are performance strategies following the biological breakdown of how to respond when it appears no one is listening. The Iceberg Effect is a metaphor to the state of health. There is typically […]

Presenteeism, absenteeism, and daydreaming are 3 lazy symptoms within a culture with weak values. How do you know if an employee is lazy or value-driven? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Three Elements Directly Effecting Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Each workplace has cultural norms including expectations and commonalities. One example is in certain seasons or holidays productivity slows. Managers might reduce work expectations because they anticipate employee’s performance to change. Productive employees anticipate performance changes because they are skilled managers of their behaviors. Performance is interdependent on six behaviors: physical, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, social, and […]

The brain is complex but it's your treasure with many jewels meant to be discovered and refined. Here are 15 insights on how to train your brain. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Performance Improves By Sound, Taste, and Visual Responses

Science has been slowly revealing how to retrain the brain. Day-to-day there are moments when something isn’t so pleasant. Consistent moodiness may trigger with an overly optimistic peer. Frequent disruptions are common with high-traffic noise in the walkway. A foggy brain after lunch disengages attention to detail. Cognitive science is linking biological responses like those […]

Elective power begins with mental reflection of words, sights, sounds, smells, textures. All directly effect health. What if they were your employees? photo courtesy @tangojuliette

What Resources Act Like If They Were Your Employee

The short stories in Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki instantly empowers. Kiyosaki continuously reminds readers to “mind your own business” with the metaphor that dollar bills are an employee. They work for performance outcome. This helped me to appreciate that all the personal resources we choose are literally our employees. The form and function of furnishings we […]

A Sensory Cravers constantly engages, therefore the desire persists to seek more. More. More! Movement brings enjoyment and satisfaction. photo courtesy CKO Kickboxing Grand Rapids

What Few Know About Their Ravenous Behaviors

Do you have an insatiable drive for enhancing experiences? Magnasensitive individuals desire the excitable – blinking lights, rollercoasters, or a lifestyle like being an entrepreneur or overextended work loads. Adversely, there’s also the need to continuously be engaged. This magical central nervous system response may also bring distress. For sanity sake a body needs rest! The superior […]

Workplace abuse leaves two choices for their leaders: deny change, or be open to it. The secret plot to explode it? A culture with this character trait. photo courtesy @tangojuilette

Workplace Abuse and The Most Effective Way To Explode It

The workplace seeks to build and fulfill marketplace relationships. It secures revenue. Workplace cultures resemble the character of the founder. A leader with courage, vision, discipline, and endurance breath cultural standards into the employees of a business. Oh, and one more trait…love. Love may appear taboo as a leadership trait. When considering the characteristic of […]

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Empower creativity and revenue producing performance with body and mind awareness tactics. Here's how to stop the floundering or agonizing meetings. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Agonizing Meetings Could Be Due to Presence Disparity

Finished projects bring moments of exhilaration for all involved. Those involved that were engaged empowered the productivity of the project. When all employees on a team are present by actively listening, creating, and collaborating there is consistently powerful, innovative outcomes that increase revenue. The alternative is a phenomenon identified as presence disparity, which compromises innovative workflow […]

Vanilla is the new superfood. A simple, affordable, creative wellbeing strategy that improves mental performance.

Vanilla Is The New Superfood

Some of us at GIG have nixed sugar in support of improving performance. Seeking ways to get that ‘sweet’ something took a turn. It’s not out of craving but joy. Jelly Belly’s and licorice jelly beans are ultimate favorites. It’s nearly impossible to push these past loves out of memory. Grocery stores stock end caps […]

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A Seamstress Exhibiting Stress In The Workplace

GIG Design’s team discussed observations of a seamstress exhibiting stress in the workplace. Observations of the work environment included details of the lighting, noise, temperature, and peer engagement. The work space is an open area of approximately thirty seamstresses, all sitting at a sewing station actively engaging in production of a product. Observations of the seamstress […]


Values Far Exceed Predictability When Without A Smartphone

People spend a great deal of time in front of a television, computer, and cell phones.  I’ve been cutting down on the usage of technology for the last few weeks, but find myself craving to use my smartphone.  When it was unavailable for 2 weeks something felt like it was missing. Land line phones, emails […]

Is your employer providing sick care or health care? Sick care is reactive with monetary value equivalent to putting dollar bills through a shredder. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Is Your Employer Providing Sick Care or Health Care?

There is a jolting difference in cultural motivation on ‘sick care’ and ‘health care’. Sick care is reactionary, providing individuals support with onset of an injury, health or mental conditions. Sick care recipients pay for medical bills instead of luxuries. Their employers pay for loss of production or new hire training. Health care recipients pay […]

In response to NBC Health's reveal we aren't getting enough sleep, here are 20 questions for sleep awareness. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

20 Questions For Sleep Awareness

In response to the statement “employers can educate shift workers about how to improve sleep” in the NBC Health’s reveal we aren’t getting enough sleep, here are 20 questions to get started. Answers are provided at the end. How many hours of sleep per night do you suspect the average American gets during the week? How do […]

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Here are 30 details on health costs John shared through his book to remind us of the integrity of providing health improvement services. Photo Courtesy @tangojuliette

30 Details On Health Costs

Health Benefits manager Lisa Mrozinski at Robert W. Baird & Company said, “You may think you’re really healthy, but until you go through the process we can provide, you may not be aware that you’re pre-diabetic or have high cholesterol.” This quote was cited in the book The Grassroots Health Care Revolution by John Torinus Jr. Is […]

How do you discover your unique sensory response? Here are five steps to engage in a healthy lifestyle. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Five Steps To Engage In A Healthy Lifestyle

How do your thoughts articulate each moment you experience? “I’m confidently griping the handle of this heavy meeting-room door, stepping into this meeting that will shape and sharpen feelings of fulfillment in my life.” Thoughts vividly characterize the body’s experience. Our body senses every tiny thing before describing it with words. This phenomenon directs behaviors. […]


Practice B.E.I.N.G. to Achieve Workplace Prosperity and Safety

Prosperity and safety in the workplace are necessary for best performance outcomes. Prosperity breathes comfort that survival is possible for driving competitive advantages and teamwork capabilities. It reduces presenteeism. Safe practices reduce absences and turnover. Productivity results from workplaces filled with attitudes of prosperity and safety. Employees instinctually seek feeling safe but stretching outside of […]

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Anticipate sleep with softened textiles, subtle bedroom décor, bedroom specifically used for sleeping. Lay down sleepy head. You'll be wiser for it. Photo Courtesy @tangojuliette

Bedtime Strategies for 3 Different Sleep Issues

Sleep hygiene a significant contributor to performance behaviors. Achieving optimal hygiene requires effort and perseverance. To illustrate how one might achieve sleep below are three stories about three different characters struggling with sleep: C. Want, C. Fear, and C. Loathe. “I want to sleep more.”  C. Want follows trends. Routines include variations of: caffeine to […]

There's a choice to pick activities that are meaningful to you. Occupational Therapists often create goals for work life balance. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

How To Stimulate Meaningful Performance Choices

Choosing day-to-day activities become a quality of life that is meaningful to you. Occupational Therapists facilitate performance goal setting for achieving a desired quality of life. This includes leisure activities that are meaningful. Whether your leisure activity be cooking, painting, dancing or photography they stimulate meaningful performance. Leisure occupations improve performance through periods of rest […]

Piercing glances, she picks up her brush to paint her story. To face. She sees whom she cannot deny, which IS to be whoever she wants to be. photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Be Whoever She Wants To Be – A Meditation

Sleeping Beauty   No blanket can cover a hard days work Stories of strength behind each line Tucked between her furrowed brows   Rosy, rusty, deep bronze shadows Wiped clean. Flesh reveals her glow   She doesn’t acknowledge This natural state. No powder, no grease, nor chiseled face;   All an illusion for power must […]

Allowing the senses to open up through the taste of tea offers insight, healing, a calming effect.

Tea: An Inexpensive, Medicative Commodity

There’s just something so nice about a hot cup of tea in your hand.  That cozy feeling with beautifully aroma of herbs, spices or clean green tea. At work there’s something that the chaplains provide called “Tea for the Soul”.  At first I thought it was just fun with a great supportive social aspect giving us a […]