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How would you rate your driving skills? It’s such an intense task. Cars driving directly at you or whizzing beside you. The speed. Oh! The interesting signs or the shops. The interesting people on city sidewalks. In the past, I raved about my driving skills.  Honestly, they are just down right average.

While driving, I’m intrigued at what surrounds me so I weave. I know I do this and sometimes I give myself mental warnings. Sometimes. Yet, there are times my curiosity drives me! Not only do I weave while driving the car but I do the same in my day to day tasks. For instance, today at the grocery store. I started to browse magazine ads, stared at new items, and then smelled every single rose to find the most fragrant ( the largest white garden rose with red tips).

Our sensory functions don’t rest unless we actively reduce what stimulates us.  Those with low sensory registration find greater success being constantly stimulated. Being over stimulated isn’t the problem .  It becomes the problem when it effects our roles and the roles of those around us. Other examples may include poor organization or tipping back on two legs of the chair you’re sitting in.

Do you know if you are over or under stimulated? Consider the instances you weave and wander from your task. A recognizable pattern may emerge. The GIG Design team is made up of experts in identifying sensory triggers. We collaborate on ideas to keep you on task. Our Pinterest board offers product and interior design ideas for the senses. Below we identify three sensory-self aspects and their design counterparts.

I’m on my way back on the road.  Please consider yourself warned!

DESIGN^sensory craving
DESIGN^under resonsive

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