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Comfort and safety are needs we seek for wellbeing in the workplace, relationships, and home. Who’s the expert defining your sense of belief in what is ‘safe’ or has ‘comfort’?

Some might say its the leader in a culture. Others may argue its trend-led. There are marketing messages, spiritual guides, and slogans that manifest the idea of what’s comfortable and safe. My clinical and design work deduce all theories to this: the expert is the Experience.

“If you’re comfortable in life then you’re not maturing.” Anonymous

Humans instinctually seek to feel safe but stretching outside of comfort may compromise quality of life beliefs.

B.E.I.N.G. are five points for safety and comfort strategies that may improve performance and manage stress.  Here’s how to Boldly Exist In Necessary Growth:

Boldly   Occupational Justice is the rights, responsibilities, and liberties that enable us to commit to occupations (activities) for health and quality of life needs. When overwhelmed, underwhelmed, deprived, or unsatisfied our commitment to participate is jeopardized. Boldly claim responsibility for these feelings by identifying your actions (or lack of) that keep you from fully participating at work. Mature comfort into being justly responsible for your actions – right or wrong.

Exist   We are brains and behaviors. Biochemistry – the chemical processes of our body – drives behavior. ‘Act logically’ produces a fraction of action. Exist in relationships through acceptance that your mind, body, and soul complexities are uniquely set-apart with an incomparable history or fingerprint. Mature feeling safe through deepening awareness of your thoughts, body processes, and actions.

In Plan and simple, life is now. Engage in it creatively.  In each moment observe with all senses each scene as it plays out every metaphoric character, unraveling the healthy direction for life-giving solutions to achieve your desires. Mature design thinking through creative perception to what is comfortable and safe.

Necessary Values may be applied to a wide range of behaviors and situations. They are abstract and withhold great influence. Necessary immediate actions benefit from a brief pause of reflection on your values. Uphold what is comfortable and safe through affirmative action. Stand, move, vote by action for what you value.

Growth The latin root meaning of be is ‘I become’ and the greek root meaning is ’cause to grow’. Both meanings convey movement. Becoming anything begins with humble acceptance that you don’t have it. Yet. Growth occurs in a servant and survivor attitude. Performance cause and effect of this attitude in the workplace, relationships, and home matures safety and comfort measures beyond yourself. It invites others into a state of being comfortable and safe. And that’s wellbeing.

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