Finished projects bring moments of exhilaration for all involved. Those involved that were engaged empowered the productivity of the project. When all employees on a team are present by actively listening, creating, and collaborating there is consistently powerful, innovative outcomes that increase revenue.

The alternative is a phenomenon identified as presence disparity, which compromises innovative workflow and timely productivity.

Presence disparity is when telecommuters physically experience a compromising difference when virtually collaborating.

Missing verbal and visual content due to background noises or poor quality live stream video strains the body. This mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing effect loses productive opportunities. Collaborative moments lose empowered creativity and revenue-building strategies.

Full engagement requires all senses prepared to mentally interpret content. Presence Disparity is a macro-sensory productivity issue. High-quality video is one solution to improving engagement in virtual collaboration.

There’s no universal 5-step fix because every body is unique, therefore may prepare through different strategies. Also, environments are unique. One example of this is virtually plugging-in on the fly. Environments are the least controllable aspect to reducing distractions for optimal listening.

Questions to Ask:
  1. How do you mentally prepare to actively listen?
  2. What furnishings support the physical ability to actively listen?
  3. When might there be a need to emotionally prepare to actively listen?


Ideal planning is to first prepare the body then identify necessary products or how to modify telecommuting environments. Schedule the Equip package to begin performance and design coaching for reducing presence disparity.