Do you experience difficulty to adjust after traveling? Below are a few ways I regulate into ‘normal’ routines. In order to distance from stress with the onset of loneliness, anxiety and fatigue I use the following strategies to adjust after traveling.


Being away from home lends to falling out of personalized routine. I’ve found it effective to ease back into normal routines by adding one patterned task every few days or so.  Prioritize those tasks that waver from routine then focus on one, one day at a time.


Traveling often is filled with laughter, fellowship, conversations, and crowds. For those of you who are single, the loneliness following travel seems amplified. In reality those with partners feel lonely, too. My first day back home from the holidays I booked my spring traveling. Create a moment by committing to a future date to shift reflection on a past trip towards anticipation of more fun!


One recent trip I spent two weeks away from work to engage with loved ones.  I relaxed, spent money, and lived extremely carefree. My return home could have bunked with a re-emergance of anxiety. Stress indicators are the best time to check in with your values – know your value, plus what you value. Meditate one value in silence; create something that conveys the value then share it with a neighbor. This transitions your emotional wellbeing from anxiousness to experiencing what is meaningful to your life.


A shift between time zones or feeling jet-lagged is the gateway to fatigue.  This includes the body, mind and soul.  My fatigue typically is conveyed emotionally. Whatever way your fatigue surfaces, your body will work to regulate it like it does with the heart, digestion, etc. Tame yourself to follow your body’s lead to go the full course for a healthy recoup: trust thy bod.

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