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Right in the the middle of an important task that has a deadline you get interrupted by your Fellow. What do you do? This scenario begs for the least amount of listening. Some may just use a body gesture, like a hand in the air without diverting the eyes from task. This action isn’t a normal listening behavior. Active listening in cultural differences fosters healthy relationships. C’mon, giving the hand is on the selfish side of relaying information. (Grohol 2013)

One might hope those that interrupt would pause in anticipation for a body gesture of approval. This isn’t always the case. This is a social dilemma which happens in a variety of occupational scenarios. Let’s look at an example of cultural diversity when in play – like a break from work to play an iPhone game. There is a culture of Gamers that are working their way to high points. Another culture of Gamers that see this as mindless play. The behaviors will greet an interruption differently.

When we share space with others we open ourselves up to a world of different contexts, occupations and senses. Understand our lifestyle behaviors aren’t meant to be the same. Knowing this fact begins a compassionate attitude. Active listening in cultural differences begins with you. Learn then practice improving normal listening behavior for the sake of contributing to your environment and your community.

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DESIGN^interceptive | This clock primes communication with cues about time relevant to rest & sleep perception. Nope Wall Clock – Society 6


DESIGN^under-responders | Consideration of interior design that meet your active listening needs for those important discussions. Google, Dublin.


DESIGN^joint & muscle | Prep for active listening with big, gross motor movements, like the whack of a Piñata.
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