photo courtesy @tangojuliette

Abstraction Helps To Strategize

The word abstract describes an object, is an object, or describes a feeling. Whole-being performance includes abstraction to trigger Creative Wellbeing.

The universal root + definition of abstract

LATIN | ab {from}  trahere {draw off} -» abstracts {drawn away}

  1. Considered separate from concrete existence
  2. Not actual but theoretical
  3. to remove
  4. to summarize in written form
  5. detached attitude or view that is intellectual and affective in form

Pablo Picasso on Abstract: “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something.”

Abstract ideas

Often an abstract idea ends once it’s expressed by action. It doesn’t always take form as in something to hold.  Perhaps, it’s an expression that’s heard or seen. Abstract in life is a method to personalize creative ideas.

Start by detaching form from function.  Like, separating walking from legs. To exercise  abstraction, repeat walking then freely and quickly write what images or words come to mind.

To use abstract in strategizing is to put two things together. Like a spiritual element with an object. Or a physical element with a sensation. WholeBe Toolkit’s use this art + science formula.