“When we become consumed with the pervading idea that we lack things, we slowly become blind to what it is that we already have, and we become ungrateful for the gifts we have,”  says Monica Berg.

A little healthy competition is good for everyone. But is it peer jealousy? According to psychologists everyone has these experiences. Its what you do in a jealous moment that directs harmful or healthy results. The stories we tell ourselves may be convincing, when we allow them to be. They remind us to be mindful of what you want to feel.

This basic human emotion may result in injury, harm and destruction. So what sensational behavior  is optimal for health. Monica Berg leads: “The big question and hard truth is, ‘How are we spending our days?’ What we desire should be a source of inspiration, which provides us with the power, motivation and ability to work toward and manifest (no matter how big or small).”

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