As I was whistling-while-I worked today, an alarming thought gave me pause: could I survive sitting eight hours at a desk?

Today was a good day because I didn’t sit.  I accomplished all of my things-to-do from my list of the things I love-to-do, moving about creatively and solving problems. Without movement, interaction, and creative thinking I lose energy and interest.  Pamela Crooke at social thinking recently shared this about what my brain might weigh-in on this matter:

Our brains are pretty resistant when it comes to changing something we’ve done for awhile or something we find pleasurable. In fact, a professor from Stanford recently published a book on willpower and describes the brain as something that operates on the levels of “I will”, “I won’t”, and “I want” (McGonigal, 2012). If you think about behavior change in your own life, this makes a lot of sense. The “I want” part of our brains, or the midbrain, is actively seeking our desires while the front part of our brain tells us to “cool it” and stay on target. If you think about it this way you realize that your brain is having a bit of a spat with itself whenever you are working on changing your ways. An even more alarming statistic is that more than 40% of the things we do over the course of the day are rooted in habit, not thoughtful and deliberate decisions (Duhigg, 2012).  

So, I could do it! Although, I’d need the right tools, plus a system in place to keep me invested. Use workplace tools to ease through being thoughtful, deliberate, to nix the 40% rooted in habit. Here are 5 ideas to endure sitting at a desk for 8 hours:

Ergonomically Position Your Posture In A Chair

  1. Create good posture;
  2. Support lung expansion to encourage full, deep breathing;
  3. A Ball Chair can make-shift as a back-bend support for quick blood-snack for the brain
  4. Enable trunk movement;
  5. Plant both feet on the floor (legs crossed = future low back pain).

Eat A Health Diet

  1. Nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals
  2. Support clear thinking
  3. Support mental focus
  4. Best performance enhancement…especially for tasks that aren’t of interest
  5. Avoids coffee or sugar-drink crashing

Incorporate Humor Into Your Day

  1. Visually trigger hormone and neurons to improve ease of work tasks;
  2. Lengthen your life span;
  3. Set yourself up for pleasurable conversation.

Incorporate Motivating Colors In Your Workspace

  1.  Choose a personalized color palette for interiors, furnishings, art work, fabrics (Resene‘s color test is one option);
  2. Color stimulates behavior;
  3. Color in moderation – seek a professional’s help

Set Daily Goals

  1. Set to-do lists/goals improves daily accomplishment;
  2. Create a visual-aid to reinforce success as each task gets crossed off;
  3. Keeps it organized;
  4. Be responsible. Avoid forgetfulness.
  5.  MomAgenda is superbly tailored for working-moms, now with an iPad app.

What ideas have worked for you?