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Health Benefits manager Lisa Mrozinski at Robert W. Baird & Company said, “You may think you’re really healthy, but until you go through the process we can provide, you may not be aware that you’re pre-diabetic or have high cholesterol.” This quote was cited in the book The Grassroots Health Care Revolution by John Torinus Jr.

Is there a process in place to learning the genuine health of your company? Here are 30 details on health costs John shared through his book to remind us of the integrity of providing health improvement services:

  • United States of America health costs are 2x per capita of anywhere else in the world.
  • Increased national health care costs then reduced money spent for education, research & development, public safety, environmental improvement, defense, personal finances, and wage increases.
  • Health costs are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States of America.
  • Pre-existing conditions are highly expensive.
  • Health care costs doubled every 8 years over 4 decades.
  • Chronic disease is 80% of health costs.
  • One-third medical expenses are due to duplicate health services.
  • Three-quarters medical expenses are due to preventable lifestyle related diseases.
  • Onsite care services saves 10-30% health expenses and reduces rates of absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Onsite care attacks 80% of nations high health costs, namely chronic diseases: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, obesity.
  • Companies and their employees can’t manage health costs if they don’t manage health.
  • One-third to one-half employees don’t adhere to regimens when smoking, obese, suffering from hypertension, lack of exercise, or uncontrolled cholesterol.
  • Approximate annual health care costs for smokers: $1,800.
  • Approximate annual health care costs for obese individuals: $1,400.
  • Approximate annual health care costs for individuals with hypertension, lack of exercise, or uncontrolled cholesterol levels: $500-$650.
  • 80% of health care costs are caused by 20% of people with 15 chronic diseases.
  • Chronic conditions costs 2x as much as well individuals.
  • Major depression effects 7% of Americans.
  • Smoking and drinking are 2 major behaviors costing companies $895 per employee.
  • CompPsych research revealed individuals with full-blown anxiety disorders are 3-5x more likely to go to a doctor with symptoms that mimic physical illness.
  • Increased health then reduced missed days at work.
  • Increased health then improved productivity.
  • Increased health then increased job advancement.
  • Increased health then increased workplace morale
  • Increased health then increased performance…and raises.
  • Healthy retired people spend as much as quarter million dollars less in post-work years then unhealthy couples.
  • Poor health then increased medical bills. This leads to increased stress which leads to increased health issues.
  • Unhealthy employees drain their savings by high health costs.
  • Older people pay 2x more in health expenses then working employees in their prime.
  • Financial wellness reduces stress, physical and mental illness.

What process is reducing the economic, physical, and performance effects of poor health? Schedule a free webinar to learn how GIG Design improves performance outcomes.