Have you ever tried to sit still and be still? It’s actually pretty challenging to achieve. Aim for an absolute absence of thought, stopping all the noisy “mind chatters” or “inner voices”. Whether it is a bustling day with children running around, an endless to do list, stressful day at school or work, or simply feeling anxious, meditation may be a good tool and skill to stay centered, to feel grounded, or to find balance in life. It doesn’t always happen, but people may even transcend their minds or experience enlightenment through the process.

For people who are starting out to meditate, it is recommended that you sit in a quiet place, preferably dim, to dull out all the other senses. Tailor sitting or sitting in a lotus position on a meditation cushion, yoga mat or simply sitting on the floor is good enough. Just make sure you are comfortable.  Now close your eyes and totally relax. Here are three ways to meditate:

1. Focus on your breathing patterns

This links well with a previous article, Exhalare.   Following the slow rise and fall of your chest and abdomen while breathing deeply often helps to zone or block out anything else that may be racing through your mind.   Sit upright, bring your shoulder blades back, and then soften your shoulders and elbows as if you are holding a large imaginary beach ball while resting your forearm on your knees. Innerlacing your fingers is another way to close the circuit to channel your energy.

2. OMs

Here’s another way to observe the sound and vibration of chanting “Om”. The longer you can draw out the OM the better.  Be sure to breath. When you form the “Mmmm” part of the “Om”, you should be able to feel the vibration between the jaw and inner ears.  This will help drown out the “mind chatter”, as I had mentioned before.

3. Inner light

You can also try to imagine a glowing positive light from within that is radiating outwards. The light will begin from a vantage point, which may be located approximately ½ inch above your eyes (third eye) or you can think about drawing a positive energy from the top of your head traveling to every cell of your body with every breath.   If you lose focus start again at the vantage point.  It may take several tries.

Okay, give it a go and tell us what you think!




























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