Growing up I always remember my mother saying “Stand up straight!” or “Sit up!”  I certainly always tried to be conscious of this – especially since I only reached a maximum of only 5’ 4”.  My sister who hit an early growth spurt was a little more defiant. She hunched, slouched and bent over to be the height of her friends in photos and to meet classmates eye-to-eye. Now that wisdom has set in, I understand my posture will energize, add grace, and ease my aging process.

Posture portrays a lot.

Postures often are circumstantial. Playing with kids versus meeting a new business partner secures a difference. Centering yourself during meditation is genuine posturing. Physical body appearance may portray confidence, a state of relaxation and a certain amount of poise.

Posture is a habit.

Standing brings postural rebellion. Here are 12 posture tips I share with my clients:

  1. Practice habitual ‘check-ins’ to spinal alignment. Posture prevents back pain, arthritis and stress on muscles or joints.
  2. Refresh posture to maintain that “S-curve” allows the body to maintain optimal function.
  3. Upright posture will free the diaphragm to effectively fill the lungs.
  4. Open posture energizes focus and movement throughout a day.
  5. Fewer postural problems occur when seated in a supportive chair. Nix the forbidden of sitting at a desk for extended hours.
  6. Every 20-30 minutes change position – stand, walk…frequently adjust weight distribution,
  7. Sit to use the backrest in a chair with feet flat on the floor.
  8. Adjust chairs for knees and hips to be at ninety-degrees flexion. This helps evenly distribute body mass among your joints.
  9. Many chairs offer the lumbar support feature. Adjust it to fit your needs! Have the retail clerk assist with this. This is one adjustment quickly forgotten in the car.
  10. Readjust chairs after others use. Sharing cars? Before hands touch the wheel make these changes.
  11. Even automobile passenger seat adjustment has value for equal consideration.
  12. Everyone is uniquely different. Know your unique body postures. Become comfortable in your body by listening to what it tells you.

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